Rochester to Dover

Route: Rochester to Dover
Days on the bike: 7

Another wonderful evening with 2 wonderful people, loads to talk about and more tips for Europe. Either touring cyclists make people great or great people like to ride bikes ha ha.

From the Rochester/Chatham area I successfully picked up the National Cycle Network route 1. There are loads of these I cycle routes throughout England and I’ve used a few on this trip. If you want to avoid traffic and take scenic route they’re great and I’ve absolutely loved using them.

I saw remnants of the floods which a surprise.

About 5 miles from Dover my legs started to tire but the chirping of seagulls in the distance got me pretty excited.Well, I made it to Dover, the first real milestone, and I couldn’t have wished my England leg to be any better. Good weather, beautiful roads and interesting, happy, kind people to stay with every night. Life is good.


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