Happy Holi!!!

Wow… What an unbelievable day. By complete chance I arrived in Kathmandu just before Holi Day, a religious festival celebrated by Hindus and anyone else who gets in its way! Having seen Karl Pilkington travel through India during Holi I knew this festival would appeal to me… Water, paint and happy people. What’s not to like?!

New Holi friends.
Holi is also aptly known as ‘The Festival of Colours’ due to the tradition of covering any passer-by with varying colours of paint. The date of this festival varies from year to year as it’s celebrated on the last full moon of the winter season, so I consider myself very lucky have experienced it.

Loads of colour and smiles.

Holi seems to be a very child centred festival although everyone gets involved, whether they’re throwing buckets of water from hotel rooms, smothering your face with paint or giving you a big smile. Holi only appears to have 2 rules, have fun and say “Happy Holi” to everyone you meet.

If only I had a Super Soaker, they would have got it!

Walking the gauntlet of water bombs.

Look up... water is coming.

This felt like a once in a lifetime experience and something I would recommend to anyone who doesn’t take themselves seriously. So much fun.

Final product.

Enjoying some tasty food.


  1. Looks very exciting.

  2. Looks like you are having a great time! I'm jealous, loving the updates though - we are all reading them in the office.

  3. HAPPY HOLI my friend!! ;-)

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