Kortrijk to Halle

Route: Kortrijk to Halle
Days on the bike: 10
Total distance travelled: 850 km / 528 miles

Another great sleep and a little surprise for breakfast. I lifted the tea cup and underneath was a chocolate eater egg!! What a touch. If that won’t get you through 100km on a bike I don’t know what will.

My hosts also rent rooms on airbnb so breakfast was an sociable event with lots of interesting conversations. One of the guests was a former pro female road cyclist so I got some good advice, apparently you should cycle like you are scraping shit off your shoe. That tip came in handy later when I got shit on my shoe.


For the past few days I’ve been looking forward to the prospect of warmer weather and maybe even wearing a T-shirt. Ask and you will receive, today would be the start of sunshine which is forecasted for the next few days. Hallelujah.

I found a long distance cycle path that covers the length of Belgium called LF6 and I’ve been trying to use it when possible (in other words, when I don’t get lost). It follows a convoluted route but takes it country roads and lots of countryside. Today it presented me with my first taste of Belgium hills, I wouldn’t say I passed with flying colours but I got a solid C. I also got my first encouragement, I think…. A truck driver was either cheering me on or giving me some shit, his face and hand gestures could be used for both I reckon.


The real highlight of today was inadvertently using the same road as a pro cycle race. People were standing on the roadside in anticipation and when I found out what happening, I joined them. I didn’t know what to expect (other than people on bikes going fast) but I was totally blown away by it. They come at you with such velocity, as do the cars, combine that with hundreds of clicking gears it’s something that gave me such an adrenaline rush, I didn’t expect that feeling. Everyone in Leeds should watch the Tour de France while it’s there this year.

I made it to the town of Halle, with its beautiful Basilica and after a cold Belgian beer headed off to my hosts house. Another successful day and 2 more friends as well.


My knee is still not great but I don’t think it’s worse, so I should probably make tomorrow a short day.


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