Dover to Belgium

Route: Dover to Belgium
Days on the bike: 8
Total distance travelled: 670 km / 416 miles

After a proper breakfast of eggs, bacon, toast and tomatoes (thanks Helen) I was off again. I decided to take the ferry to Dunkirk instead of Calais to save a few boring miles.Free wifi on board was the perfect opportunity to start planning a route through Europe and I’ve now got some pretty good ideas, instead of no idea.Getting on and off the ferry is simple but exciting, the journey feels like it is really starting now.

After getting lost and confused in the industrial hell of Dunkirk I was on the coastal road and making good progress to Belgium. I almost missed the sign separating the 2 countries, you can’t really call it a border!

I continued for an hour or 2 to a nice little town called Koksijde where I would spend the night. Another graceful host and a great evening chatting about the world and the benefits of travelling by bike. Delicious Belgian beer and Thai green curry makes me happppppppy.


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