Me, cycling around Taiwan

I rented a bike in Taipei from a father and son team with a crazy dog

 I found some great cycle trails

Some lonely roads

 And some scary tunnels

 I stumbled upon festivals

 Chilled out on beaches

 And got some picture perfect views

I drank litres and litres of free water from police stations around the country

But my brain constantly needed freezing and the 7-11 was happy to help

I saw sunsets and sunrises from both coasts

Climbed lots of hills

And sweated it out at the tops

I saw industry


Small fishing villages

And beautiful unspoiled coast lines

I survived a super typhoon

And broke the law a few times (inadvertently and on purpose)

I cycled the infamous Suhua highway

And thought the truck drivers were alright

I stayed in a church, with a couchsurfer, a guy from the bike touring website Warm Showers, above a surf shop, at some hot springs and even with a lovely Taiwanese lady I met at a 7-11, in exchange for help with an English class

I ate some seriously tasty food, was blown away by the Taiwanese generosity and met some amazing people I hope to see again someday

And I made it - a complete circle of the Taiwanese island by bicycle. My odometer read 1370km when I gave the bike back but the feeling of accomplishment was slightly overshadowed by the fact I wouldn't be cycling anymore. It was an unbelievable trip and now I know a big bicycle tour is something I want to try.


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