Manasalu and Annapurna trek

Mountain fever has well and truly taken a hold of me... I was back in Kathmandu for just 4 days before my next jaunt into the Himalaya. This trek had to satisfy 3 criteria:

  • More difficult
  • More remote
  • Even more fun

I choose the Manasalu Circuit which circles the 8th highest mountain at 8163 metres, Manasalu. This trek is located in a restricted national park so a guide and special permits are required to enter.

The Manasalu footpath finishes where the popular Annapurna Circuit trail starts. I ended up finishing Manasalu 4 days early so just decided to just continue walking and see another beautiful mountain range.

The guidebooks say you need a good head for heights... this is a typical footpath on Manasalu.

One of the many authentic and lived in villages.

Huge marajuna fields grow in the wild. Just checking it's real.

We walked with 2 Nepalise school girls as they trekked for 5 days to reach their family home for holidays. They were kind enough to invite us inside to meet their parents. Great food, strong booze and a fox's tail as a parting gift. Great experience.

Rasmus, my trekking partner, and I enjoying the greatest meal ever known - Dal Bhat. Consisting of lentil soup, rice, potato and veg curry and most importantly as many refils as you can force down. I ate a lot!
Manasalu - the 8th highest mountain in the world.

A snow covered Mani and some beautiful mountains. A mani is
Our guide testing out his latest Gortex jacket before venturing into minus temperature with bad snowfall

Just before we reached the Larke Pass at 5160 metres. This wasn't the highest pass I've done but it was the toughest. Up to 3 feet of snowfall had made the day extremely tough and bitterly cold but beautiful. 

Back down to lower altitudes and lush green fields of oat.

Larke pass and Manasalu complete, now onto the famous Annapurna Circuit.

60 year old man carrying 60 kilos on his head.
The majority of the Annapurna Circuit has been ruined by road construction. In a short space of the time you'll be able to drive almost the entire route, making the once 18 day circuit a more modest 4 days. This road should last for a few years though.
Surprises can be delicious - we had been walking all morning and stumpled across a bakery selling amazing cinnamon rolls.
We took a side trip to see the reputed world's highest lake - Tilicho Lake at 4920 metres.

On top of Thorong-la pass - 5416 metres. Much easier than the last pass.
Obligatory jump shot.

Back to Kathmandu to devise my next adventure. I've been in Nepal for 7 weeks now and been trekking for 6 of those... time to give my legs a little rest.


  1. Awsome!! I'm jealous it looks amazing! again fantastic photos Matt!!


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